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Galeri Animal Malaysia



Galeri Animal Malaysia is a shelter for abandoned animals such as rescued cats, dogs and civets. Animals that are given protection here will be given medical help and when healthy will be sterilized to control reproduction. The CSR collaboration between Buttons and Bows Malaysia and Malaysia Animal Association actively promotes Adoption Drives activity which is the core agenda for the establishment of Galeri Animal Malaysia which is one house with two cats through Treatment-Neuter-Rehome (TNR) efforts.


The SCR activities including Animal SETA (Security, Education, Training and Awareness) by conducting courses and training. BBA Program (Buttons and Bows Apprentice Program) to develop new enterpreneurs in pet industry. MAFIA (Malaysia Adoption Fiesta) is a yearly event to encourage 1 house 2 cats. R&R (Rescuing and Rehabilitation) of stray / abandoned cats placed at Galeri Animal Malaysia. F&N (Feeding and neutering) Monthly contribution of Buttons and Bows cat food for stray cats at Galeri Animal Malaysia.

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